Our Under Water Equipment

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Watch for our exciting plans to build submarines out of old propane tanks.  We are looking for metal shop  and naval architecture students from area high schools who are willing to design and build our new fleet of subs in exchange for school credit. 


Our propane tank storage yard in Grand Haven Township.


We are excited to announce the acquisition of more than 350 propane tanks that have been deemed unsafe for propane storage.  We will re-purpose these tanks to create the world-largest fleet of personal submarines made out of old propane tanks.

Timing is critical on this project because Grand Haven Township officials are claiming storage of these tanks in a residential area is a violation of their zoning ordinance (we plan to fight this all the way to the supreme court if necessary).

In addition to our fleet of propane tank subs, we are considering the purchase of former military subs for larger groups.

We are currently pursuing grants to purchase this type of equipment.  If you would be interested in this type of adventure, let us know as we work to gauge support and interest.

We are watching government surplus auctions and working with our partners in oceanography to find reasonably priced submarine equipment that could be reasonably restored.

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One thought on “Our Under Water Equipment

  1. I am not a good welder, but I am Qualified in Submarines. I believe I can pull this off, though perhaps not on the first attempt.

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