Adopt a Whale

Watch for complete information (starting January 25, 2017) about how you can adopt a whale.

What is required of  you:

  • Your ability to provide financial and emotional support for your whale.
  • A love for whales.
  • A willingness to spread the news about Grand Haven Whale Watching.
  • A willingness to mentor potential future sponsors who want to learn more about the responsibilities of adopting a whale.

What you receive:

  • When you sponsor a whale, you will have the peace-of-mind that you made a difference in a whale’s life.
  • You will be an exclusive sponsor.  No whale is adopted out more than once.
  • Naming rights to the whale you adopt
  • Weekly trips out to visit your whale in the wild
  • The ability to take your whale for field trips to your home for a period of up to three days once per year.  This benefit is only valid until your whale out grows your bath-tub, pool or pond.
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Dedicated server
5 years ago

Your donation will enable us dispel the myths the whaling nations will use at the International Whaling Commission in October 2016.