GHWW Continues to Offer Free Content

The offices of Grand Haven Whale Watching has been flooded with communication from our supporters concerned that our website will move to a pay-per-view model.   Apparently, the recent move of Grand Haven Tribune from a free to a pay-per-view model has prompted fear and concern about a lack of unbiased and serious coverage of news around the Grand Haven area.

In an effort to help provide equitable access to all, Grand Haven Whale Watching has renewed its commitment to free information about our community.   During a conference call earlier today, the organization’s founders said they will stand against the tide of paywalls and barriers in information delivery and provide its web resources at no-charge to the public.

Now is the time for serious information providers like Grand Haven Whale Watching to take a stand for equity and principles of truth and free expression.   Stand with us as we stand with you.