Our Dewey Hill Location

We need your help to defeat the opposition from city hall.

Right now we are in a temporary location, but Grand Haven Whale Watching needs a permanent home . . . and we need your help.  Please complete the quick one-question survey at the bottom of this page to help us measure community support for this location.

Also, please consider contacting our three mayoral candidates and ask them to take a stand on this issue.  The crowded race for mayor means this should be a hot topic.  Let’s stay on top of this.  If Grand Haven can not support this effort we may have consider moving to Spring Lake or Ferrysburg or Lamont.

For those of you that don’t know, Dewey Hill is the perfect location for our organization.

  • It provides waterfront access for our boats
  • Easy access to the downtown by way of a small water taxis we will operate
  • High visibility
  • Great background music at night
  • Beautiful backdrop of fountains, fireworks, crosses, nativity scenes, stars, anchors and renegade hikers
  • Our location there would be the highest public use of this wonderful property
  • Development will increase local tax base and include a 900 square foot office and call center, a 32,000 square foot warehouse, a commercial dock for our water-based vessels.

Our proposed dock and office location on Dewey Hill. Please help us gain approval by contacting your local area officials to show your support.

Our desire is to serve the public and we believe the best way to do this is through high visibility and connection to the community.  After much deliberation, we believe the best location for our permanent home base would be Dewey Hill.  Unfortunately, there is some hesitation and downright opposition from the city counsel.   Please take a moment to write a note to our mayor, city council, city manager, director of public works and Dewey Hill Czar.  Your support will make a difference.

In exchange for your support we promise to erect the cross formerly removed from the top of Dewey Hill on to to the top of our new offices.

Also please consider starting a petition using the We The People system at WhiteHouse.gov to start a petition. You can find a direct link at:  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/


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6 years ago

Born and raised in Grand Haven, Grunow was three-years-old when his father helpe fcfc d the community install the cross on Dewey Hill.

3 years ago
Reply to  stafviper.xyz

We can not wait to move into our new Dewey Hill offices (pending the approval of Gov. Whitmer, Mayor Geri McCaleb, the Ottawa County Board of Aquatic Business Systems and our lawyers). Thanks for taking time to write.