Riding the Whales

Watching the whales is just the beginning.

Imagine being enclosed in a safe crystal clear glass capsule as you rock through the waters of Lake Michigan seeing the underwater adventures from a whales eye view.  That is right . . . you will be able to ride a whale with this special encapsulated saddle.  You will share the cabin with three other participants, a captain and tour guide.  Soft drinks and light snacks will be part of the tour and every participant will be given a pair of Google Glass glasses to digitally record the entire trip.

Thanks to a special grant from the National Endowment for the Advancement of Saddled Animals (NEASA pronounced NeaSa), we are designing a special harness that will allow one of our smaller whales to carry a very small group of riders.  While the harness design is complete, we have not yet found a qualified manufacturer to build the unit.   CAD files with complete design specifications are available for qualified manufacturers willing to partner in the creation of this saddle in exchange for sponsorship consideration.

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