The Intergalactic Sand Registry

We are also proud to initiate a new program called the Intergalactic Sand Registry.
Did you know that Grand Haven sand is not the same sand as the sand you find other places?  People around here calling it singing sand.  Now with our new Sand Registry you can stake your claim on this unique and wonderful sand.

gh_FS1_Beach_LighthouseFor the perfect gift, name a grain of beautiful white Grand Haven beach sand after someone! For as little as $14, you can name a grain of sand after a friend, loved one or business associate.  It will always be the right size and the recipient will tell everyone.

Your money buys you the official naming rights to the sand and the name will be officially registered in book form.  You also get a beautifully framed certificate of authenticity confirming your sand grain’s name and its location.   We also include a sand chart with the general area of  “your grain” circled in bright red and the last known GPS coordinates of the sand grain’s location.  We promise that no grain of sand will be assigned more than one name.  That means your gift is unique.

If you are interested in giving a gift that really shows you care, contact to place your order today.

Give the gift of a grain of sand this year and it will be the most talked about gift of the year.  Not only will you show your love ones how much you care, but you will keep them busy for weeks as they attempt to find the grain of sand named after them.  Unlike the now passe past time of naming a star for your loved ones, naming a grain of sand is more dynamic and personal.  Stars simply stay in one place for light years . . . every time your love one looks up, it just sits there and maybe twinkles a bit.   A grain of sand is totally different.  It is constantly moved by waves,  wind and children building sand castles.  If your loved ones enjoys Where’s Waldo books, they will be thrilled in their never ending quest to find their grain of sand.

* Keep in mind that naming rights for a grain of sand does NOT equal ownership.
** If you find that a beach goer accidentally or purposefully removes your sand grain by getting it caught in a flip-flop or  beach umbrella, we will happily reassign your name to a more publicly accessible grain of sand on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.  This reassignment is free of charge, but there is a $19.95 processing fee.
***  We reserve the right to reject names that are inappropriate include those of presidential candidates.

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Rick S.
Rick S.
2 years ago

With the rising water levels in the Great Lakes, my grain of sand is missing. I know exactly where it was because I visited every day during the warm summer months….. Is it possible to get a replacement piece of sand? I know its not the original piece of sand I came to know and love but I need to move on and not dwell on what was lost…………

Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy
5 years ago

I once bought a grain of sand for my loved one, they absolutely loved being stuck on a beach for one week looking for a single grain of sand out of the billions and billions of grains of sand and eventually starving to death

Mary VanDoosenburg, Founder and Chief Oceanic Officer
Mary VanDoosenburg, Founder and Chief Oceanic Officer
4 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy Jimmy

We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. We always recommend people bring plenty of food with them when they search for their grain of sand. If you ever need any assistance finding your grain of sand, please do not hesitate to let us know. We can give you GPS coordinates to help speed up the process.