Staff Directory

  • Mary VanDoosenburg, Founder and Chief Oceanic Officer –
  • Joey VanDoosenburg, Chief Operations Officer –
  • Felix¬†Fashewski, Director of Flight Operations –
    • Francis Fashewski, Aviation Intern / Test Pilot –
  • Horatio Steeponwyter, Director of On-water Operations –
  • Jamie Frawdelent, Government Affairs –
    • Sarah Smith, Government Affairs Intern – no email currently
  • Julie McAnnoy, Cruise Director for the SS Guppy
  • Ima VanSmithen, Customer Service and Ticketing Manager –
  • Position Currently Open, Marketing, Webmaster, Social Media and Communications Manager –
  • Position Currently Open, Finance Director
  • Position Currently Open, Accounting Clerk
  • Position Currently Open, Directory of Veterinary Operations
  • Position Currently Open, Director of Facilities and Purchasing
  • Position Currently Open, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Position Currently Open, Chief Environmental Officer

If you are interested in joining our team, watch this area for new job openings and internship opportunities coming soon.

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Sir Po the 27th
Sir Po the 27th
2 years ago

Hi, I’ve recently have became a master of the fonts Papyrus and Comic Sans. I was wondering if you would like to add my skills as the Head Marketing, Webmaster, Social Media and Communications Manager. – Best regards, Sir Po the 27th

Peggy Turner
Peggy Turner
6 years ago

Dear Ms. and Mr. VanDoosenburg, I am interested in applying for a position with your company. However, the position I would like to apply for is not listed in your “positions currently open” list. It has been a dream of mine for some time to run the snack bar on a whale watching boat after I retire in a few years. And I cannot imagine a better whale-watching endeavor than yours on Lake Michigan. I grew up living near the lake and though I currently do not live there it would be wonderful to be back on that great lake. Going to observe the annual whale migration at the lake was one of my favorite school field trips when I was a child. Sadly, I believe that due to budget concerns those type of trips are no longer offered. So it is great to know that families can still see these magnificent animals in the Lake Michigan habitat on your tours. In the interest of full disclosure I must tell you I lived on the Wisconsin side of the lake but I can tell that you are the kind of folks who will not hold that against me.
So could you let me know if you are considering opening that type of position in the future? If so, I would really like to apply. Thank you so much. Mrs. P. Turner