Why Grand Haven?

A lot of people ask why the whales are in Lake Michigan and why they stay around Grand Haven?

The origin of their introduction comes from our founder’s childhood growing up along the dunes of Lake Michigan in Grand Haven (read more about her story in the Who We Are Section of our web site).  Because of Mary’s love for the area her first goal was always to bring the ocean to Grand Haven.  That is why the whales are here.

The more interesting question is why do the whales stay here?

You may have heard about the electronic barrier used to help prevent asian carp from entering the Great Lakes through the Chicago Sewer Canals.  This same technology is working to keep the Lake Michigan whales in a confined area between Grand Haven, Michigan and Port Sheldon, Michigan.  In a partnership with Consumer’s Energy (who happens to operate the nearby Campbell Generating Complex in Port Sheldon) we have a free supply of power to operate the more than 125 miles of electronic barrier designed to contain the whales as well as their food supply.

Some have said this type of barrier is inhumane.  We disagree.  It is no different than a dolphin in a pool at Sea World (but with a MUCH larger cage) . . . only better.

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