Whale Watching On Lake Michigan

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For the first time ever, Midwestern audiences will have an opportunity to see whales in the wild.

As part of a special partnership between the Sea Watch Conservatory and Great Lakes Awareness Foundation along with a special grant from the Foundation for Oceanographic Awareness, we are pleased to announce the successful importation of a small but thriving whale population in Lake Michigan between Grand Haven and Holland, Michigan.  See red circle on the chart below for information about the general area of the whale barrier and whale location.

For the protection of both the whales and boaters, unauthorized vessels are not allowed in this area as per regulations of the US Corp of Nautical Engineers.

During the summer of 2016 you will have a  once-in-a-generation opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close thanks to the efforts of Grand Haven Whale Watching.

Your support during our first year will help us expand.  Watch for opportunities to Ride the Whales in 2017.



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